Chris, who got an invite last week to Google Wave, was kind enough to nominate me with one of his 8 slots. I received the invitation in the mail today and have spent as much time as I've been able, between work and school, playing with it.

I can see that it has a lot of potential. You could have feeds coming in from all sorts of various sources and do live collaboration on projects, meeting notes, event planning, and more.

So far I've managed to get twitter working with it, and was able to post a few tweets. The blogger bot, bloggy, isn't working with blogger so I'm not able to post from there yet. However, posterous does work so you can always look here to see if I've posted anything.

But, with all things in preview, bugs are still being worked out. As you can see from the screen shot, not all of the images were loading properly.

If you aren't familiar with Google Wave, check this out.


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