I totally thought I took a photo today. Nope, I didn't. But what I did do was a whole lot of lazy in the evening after work.

I messed around with Google Wave more and showed Chris some stuff I'd figured out. Hello public waves = glorified chat rooms of the 90's. Still, its interesting and a fun gadget to play with. He picked up a Zipit and was showing it to me. Very small, very cool, lots of potential for goofing around (*cough* loading linux *cough*).

After that we watched another episode of the new show, Flash Forward. Watching it I couldnt help thinking about Highlander, and how the main guy talks kind of like Christopher Lambert. Then I kept wondering if he was Duncan, from the TV show. No, he's not. Still...anyway.....

So here's just a shot of the cast from the show, since that's sort of what I did for the evening (and another screen shot of Google Wave seemed too much). Chris gave me a snazzy printed off pic of meow meow for my fridge, which I am totally digging and is chilling right next to my pic of Vash and Peppy.


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