So since I'm moving into Chris's apartment and he has all the furnishings you'd need, some of my things are going into storage until we move to a bigger location. Namely couches, tables, the bedroom set from my childhood I refuse to let go, etc.

Of course, in order to move that stuff you need a moving vehicle (or a truck, which I dont own) and more beefiness than I alone possess. So in the interim I've been packing up various other things I'll be storing. There's the futon frame I've been lugging for a few years, some kitchen stuff from my grandparents, and holiday decorations that aren't really needed at the moment.

While I know its smarter to move the large stuff into the storage unit first and then the small stuff, the 8x10 I rented should still allow for enough maneuverability even with this stuff in there.

It could be tighter packed (thought it is from heaviest to lightest), but I'm waiting on a few additional items to make their way over to stack things better. Still, its about two car loads (not completely full) there, complete with crates jammed behind things.


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