I am not a fan of shopping. In fact, I hate it if it doesn’t involve toys (which I deem to fall into the tech realm of computer parts, video games, hacks/mods, etc). So that includes grocery shopping and clothes shopping. And if you know me, you know I despise shopping for clothes so much I have been wearing some of the same things for nearly a decade. Yes, I'm sure you find this terrible.

I told Chris I had never been out on Black Friday. Precisely because I HATE shopping and crowds. But we needed provisions from Meijer, and we were right next to the mall… We poked around on some deals and Chris thought it would be a good idea in the afternoon to see if we could find any good deals on new business clothes.

So we ventured to Rivertown. And I nearly had a heart attack at how many cars there were. But, finally we parked and ventured into the toasty mall. There were some stores with lines that wrapped around the entire store - and I refused to even look at clothes there. We hit nearly every clothes store and eventually, after an hour or so, we started picking up more and more clothes that I could use. I even managed to snag a replacement winter coat.

So we bounced around to a few targets, Meijer, Woodland and Rivertown Crossings, and I actually feel like my goal was met and satisfied that I now have several possible outfits that do not include something from the early 00's.

So this is a shot of Chris scoping out the Droid display at Rivertown Crossing. Not as cool as the Palm Pre.


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