Well, today is Thanksgiving. This year it was a much smaller gathering at my parent's house as opposed to my grandmother's.

So Chris and I headed down there with pies and rolls in tow for some turkey festivities.

The food was good and it was discovered, when the pies were brought out, that pecan pie is not a fan of being warm... It quickly turned syrupy and lake-like. Still, people ate that and the pumpkin pie so all was good.

When we got home Chris and I let the ferret out for a bit to run around. Unfortunately Leki was not impressed or interested in her.


Thanksgiving was very nice. It was relaxing and warm and cozzy. Hope everybody enjoyed the food. I think the potatoes and vegies could have been hotter but they were ok. Next time it'll be better. Ha ha. Thanks for driving over, we enjoyed you and Chris being here. Rolls and pies were delicious even if the pican pie was over soft. Now on to the next holiday... Mom

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