Monday was just frustrating. It seems like a lot of Monday's are becoming that way. Maybe it's because I feel like I should be going to work and I'm not. Maybe it's because I have very little people I can interact with socially during the day while everyone is at work. For whatever reason, it seems like the last several have been obnoxious.

First I had issues with my computer and the internet, which I needed to get a school assignment out of my email box. After that the cat vomited all over the apartment-meaning I had to carpet cleaning (yay Chris's green machine portable carpet cleaner) and laundry.

The day progressed with more annoyances that, in retrospect, really are minor. But when they compound like that it seems to magnify them.

Chris came home and the evening got better as I had someone to remind me its not all that bad. An someone to accidently kill...over and over and over in New Super Mario Bros.

So this is a shot Chris took, because I completely forgot to today, of Leki all chunky and curled up on his new favorite blanket on the bed.


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