The semester is over and that means I can go back to reading more for leisure.  So on lunch I brought the Android tablet and the Kindle 2, not sure which would strike my fancy.

I opted for playing a bit on the Android tablet.  I'm having a really hard time caring what happens in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and rather than totally dump it I thought I'd play a bit with the settings and read a few comics on the tablet. I'd recently updated the firmware so some things needed to be set back.

I really do enjoy the tablet, but it's not really easy on the eyes out in the sunlight. It's very difficult to read since the screen gets washed out.  That, and the fact that it can only handle Android 1.6 (cupcake) means a few applications I'd like to use won't work on it.

Still, it's a cheap device and does a lot of great things. I'd love to use it or something like it as a primary kitchen recipe device.


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