Most of the afternoon I was hungry. I'd had a decent lunch, but the PB&J wasn't cutting it, nor the banana bread muffins. What I really wanted was some animal protein. Sometimes I crave brownies, sometimes I crave beef jerky. My stomach is fickle like that.

I ended every email I sent to Chris throughout the day with "I'm hungry." I didn't think much about it because I wasn't saying for any reason other than to state I was hungry. It's not my nature to ask for something by making flat statements like that. If I want something, I just ask for it. In fact, if it got worse I was just going to suggest picking up a pizza or something on our way home.

So I was super surprised when he picked me up after work, bag of tasty chicken nuggets in tow. And not those nasty regular ones either. Apparently McDonalds has ones that resemble reasaurant-style nuggets. Those are edible.

The ride home with Chris, NPR, and tasty chicken nuggets was blissful.


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