I buy new shoes rather infrequently so I always forget this part...

7am: Ill just wear these boots all day. They can pass for work-shoes.  Dont want to lug around two pairs of shoes all day. *slip on winter boots*

1pm Lunch Break: *walking outside* this is working out good. Shoes aren't leaking. Awesome. Toes are chilly, but s'ok.

2pm: *walking back to work* Ugh, this is getting painful.Almost back to the office.

2:25pm: Would anyone notice if I walked around barefoot?

3:15pm: Decided to stop drinking anything. Too risky. Debating on whether or not I should print anything. May start bleeding if I take another step.

4:30pm: Broke down, had to print something. Walking to printer....AGONY!

5pm: Ride is here. Seriously debated dashing to car in socks.

5:25: Chris needed to make a stop.  At store. Decided to try unzipping boot in desperate attempt to stop zipper from scraping across tender flesh. Mildly successful.



You should have paid more attention to what I said about shoes any time I reminisced about my footwear manager days - or were you too young???
ha ha ha
(sorry about your feet)

Must have been too young. :P

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