Dinah is our 6 1/2 year old parakeet.  She's never had a history of being friendly with people but over the past year she's become increasingly tolerant of me and she flat out loves Chris.

She will screech incessantly when she wants his attention and she's always up for being handled and having her chest rubbed - by him.

So this weekend we finally set out on a mission; picking up an "away cage" for her.  Her normal cage is actually a cockatiel cage, so it's a little large and doesn't fit everywhere. Chris wanted to find something we can put her in (to protect her from an over zealous cat) and have her around while we are elsewhere in the apartment.

So far it seems like the system will work out well, once she is ok with the change in scenery.  She's willing enough to hop into a new cage, but the cat understandably makes her nervous.

We also spent part of the day out searching for more Lego Mini Figures. Here's a short video Chris put together of our adventures.  If you missed it, the first bit of our quest is here.


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