It's a weird in-between day. It's after a holiday, but still the weekend, but the end of the weekend. I don't know. It sort of felt weird. It probably didn't help that we stumbled across a cache of Valentine's Day candy at the store.

Still, we got quite a bit done. Cleaning, grocery shopping, gaming (well, I did), picked up a santa hat for the My First Bacon (as pictured above).  I've also been playing a bit more with Instagram application on the ipod touch (which is why both the photos in this blogpost were processed with).

Chris was pretty busy and creative today; he made a puppet and even made a few videos, including one with the cat.

In the evening we tried out the soft serve ice cream maker Chris bought me.  I usually let ice cream from the store get soft, or sometimes I even microwave it, so I more or less end up eating it soft serve. It was tasty and easy to make.

All in all a good Sunday.  Excited to head off to bed soon and read more of The Demon-Haunter World by Carl Sagan.


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