I spent most of the day sitting at my desk...by the time lunch rolled around I was ready to get up on my feet and move around.  Rather than heading over to the library to do some ready I thought I'd finally explore the whole skywalk.

I took several photos throughout the skywalk, though not of every section (like between the Mariott and Skywalk Deli, or between the Van Andel and the building across the street).  It's an and each section looks a little different.  It's not a very long walk if you're doing it for exercise (under a mile) unless you're walking back and forth from end to end - which I did see several groups of people doing.

So here's just a little slideshow, for the sake of a slide show, of the Skywalk. Of course I forgot to take a photo of the maps, so this PDF I found online will have to make do. The slideshow is essentially Devos place working back toward Van Andel Arena.


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