The last week or so has been fantastic; unseasonably warm and spring-like. So it's no surprise that winter has decided to kick back in and snow is now blanketing a big chunk of Michigan. There's one thing that fresh snowfall does really well - and that's look serene (at least to me).
I took a few shots of the falling snow with my camera - all in black and white. I once read that you should take all photos in color and then post process them to black and white if you decide to do so - but honestly I'm not a huge fan of post processing to begin with and I really should learn to use all of the color settings on my camera.
Since it's a snowy day we've been indoors most of the day. That meant time at the computer to research and finally purchase some extension tubes. While I'd love to have a macro lens, they're kind of expensive so I opted to try extension tubes first and see how much I use them. A much cheaper alternative and when and if I do get a macro lens, I can always use them together.


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