I woke up at 5:30 to an 82 degree apartment. It's been an entire week now since they fixed the heat where we have no real influence over the heat in the apartment. Now instead of being too cold, it's too hot. I kept the windows wide open, including the slider, for several hours. That meant I got to get some gaming in and check out the valentine event in World of Warcraft. They now have heart-shaped fireworks, which is amusing.

After a few hours, the temperature got down to 72 degrees before we went out grocery shopping for an hour only to come back to it being 77 degrees. We'll have to get someone out here tomorrow when the maintenance group is open again.
Since we did a lot of grocery shopping that meant we had provisions for tasty home cooked meals. Chris made a tasty chicken parmesan and I have some cheesecakes chilling in the fridge for later.

Apartment is still incredibly toasty (no thanks to all the baking). I'm keeping the windows open for as long as possible before falling asleep. I'd leave them open overnight if the cat was trustworthy.


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