Valentine's Day in the US is such a sweet-heavy day. Even if you tried to avoid them (which I'm not, of course) it's hard to get around free chocolate or other tasty sugary treats.

A co-worker walked around and gave everyone in our department a few candies. Classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

The evening was good and relaxing. Leki even got to wear a necklace of ribbon from a box of chocolates. I think he really enjoys wearing and playing with necklaces. Ever since the chain on my necklace broke he's searched but hasn't been able to find one to wear. So we let him wander around with this on until it looked like he was just going to chew it and put it up for later.

So with the chocolates in the morning, chocolates when I got home, and the cheesecake I baked yesterday, there were a lot of sweet treats around.


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