The morning was slow going, but by afternoon Chris and I were ready to leave the house and do some errands. First up was vacuuming and washing the car. It was windy but sunny out, which is ok in my book.
We swung by an ice cream shop since I was craving a mint chocolate chip shake. I love those things.
After errands and shake purchasing we finally made it to Palmer Park for a quick stroll across the boardwalk and to enjoy some reading in the sun. They did repair the front portion of the boardwalk (which is better news than the boardwalk being permanently removed) but the back portion is still the warped and wobbly path we love. The boardwalk was even freshly adorned with religious graffiti.

We sat in the sun for a bit and did some reading, though it didn't last as long as I'd hoped. Clouds rolled in and the sky turned grey. *sigh*
Since we were kind of in the area of a Kmart, we swung by to see if they had any Green Lantern figures from the upcoming movie. Chris was able to find some more figures he was looking for, and he's slowly rounding out the group of movie figures he wants. Not bad since they technically hit the stores today.

Also, I see there's still selling NetZero service. Wow.


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