Inspired by a tweet yesterday, I went out last night and purchased provisions to make strawberry shortcake today. It started out as a really good idea (fueled by a hunger for tasty strawberries). So I set to making the shortcake after we got back from our morning stroll.
Once the shortcake was in the oven I sliced up a bunch of strawberries (munching on them as I went, since I'd purchased far more than the recipe called for). The freakishly large ones you buy at the grocery store aren't as tasty as normal size wild strawberries, but they would have to do. Strawberries aren't yet in season, so picking some up at the farmers market was out.
Once the shortcake was done it was time to slice it in half and start piling strawberries on. That's where I encountered the first snag. I'm pretty sure the unlabeled cake pan I used was 9" instead of 8", which meant the shortbread wasn't really thick enough to slice in half. But as you can see...I tried.

Then I set to making the whipped cream in the mixer. Blargh. I had a tub of cool whip in the fridge I should have just used because I wasn't getting anywhere whipping the heavy cream. In the end it got a little stiff, but not as much as I think it should have and it ended up being runny on the strawberries.
So I ended up with some layers of shortcake and strawberry, but for the most part it was a mess. Chris called it right when he said it was less of a cake and more of a pile of ingredients. Still, it's tasty! And it isn't nearly as much of a disaster as my attempt at a Green Lantern fondant cake last year for Chris's birthday.

If it has to be pretty, I do not have the patience to do it. I'm no better at it now than I was as a child. I have no idea how my mom or grandmother ever even managed to decorate with frosting. God that stuff is a nightmare. Not sure why I try things even harder than that.


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