There was a lot of random stuff going on today. I had leftover sour cream, so I finished that off by making sour cream coffee cake (which turned out more like a cheesecake, if you ask me).
That wasn't enough so I decided I'd also make some rice krispie treats. I'm not even a fan of those things so I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to make them. I did make them via the microwave instead of stove top. Interesting process...
We went out and about for a little while. Chris said something about having to get out of the apartment. I think he really just wanted to get me out of the kitchen and stop me from making more food that we don't have room to store.

So we went to a new store (Anthropologie), looked at all the Pottery Barn-like merchandise, then headed over to Woodland mall.
We also swung by Toys R Us, where Chris came across a Muppet kit he'd been eyeing for awhile so he snagged it.
When we got home I promptly went back to baking things. This time I made what appears to be radioactive brownies, though they should look more like tasty glazed mint brownies.

I need my wrists to not be so annoyed with carpel tunnel so I can play more video games and bake less.

I should probably read more too, so I'll bake less.

Or I could just keep experimenting with new recipes. I'm sure Chris's co-workers don't mind to terribly. At least I hope they dont...


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