Now that we're back from up north and I have a little more time, I wanted to finish working on the Doctor Who pillow I'd started earlier.
The original Tardis didn't come out so well, but it was an excellent learning opportunity.
I learned pretty quickly that the original setting I had were crappy but I didn't have to use a blanket stitch. I could still use the zig-zag stitch and not bunch things up (setting information below).
I soon started to get the hang of it, and while things are perfect, they're a lot better than Tardis #1.
Anyway, here's a slideshow of all of the steps, plus materials and measurements.
  • Find an image to trace...

  • trace!

    once traced, then cut out and get ready to iron...

  • Ironing

    with an iron, fuse the Heat n Bond Lite to the fabric

  • cut everything out

    once cool, cut out the shapes

  • Lay everything out

    to ensure it looks good and all the small pieces fit

  • Iron On

    remove paper backing and iron onto fabric

  • Fuse-N Tear

    once all pieces are ironed on, cool, flip over, and iron on Fuse-N Tear stabilizer

  • Applique in progress

    stitching all of the different pieces down

  • laying everything out one last time

    just to ensure everything still looks ok

  • pin the pillow

    pin the two pieces of fabric together, wrong side out

  • Tardis side

    Tardis side of the pillow

  • upclose Tardis

  • Dalek side

    Dalek side of the pillow

  • up close Dalek

Materials used:

Measurements & Sewing Machine Settings:

  • 14.5" x 14.5" pillow fabric
  • 3" tall Dalek & Tardis 
  • Applique pieces placed 3" from the edges of the fabric
  • zig-zag stitch set to stitch width of 3.0 and stitch length of 0.2 for edges
  • zig-zag stitch set to stitch width of 2.0 and stitch length of 0.2 for smaller detail pieces (like eggs on the Dalek skirt)


love your Dr Who projects! the dalek is great too (I love Daleks and Cybermen) - will you be doing a cyberman too? I think it would be very difficult though :)

ooh, that's a good idea. Maybe a Cyberman and a Sonic Screwdriver pillow. Hmm...

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