Early this morning I thought I'd try my hand and getting some tight zigzag stitches on the Tardis cutout to create outlines where the squares on the doors are. The squares themselves came out ok, but not perfect.

When I went to add the white fabric for the sign and the windows, I was a little unhappy with the results.The fabric frayed at the edges where the stitches were, leaving white around the edges.
So I decided to scrap the whole thing and try again. This time I'll test what I assume is the proper stitch, an applique stitch. I like the look of it less, but I probably wont end up with frayed edges like I did earlier.

I also bought the correct Heat 'n' Bond so that everything will have a sticky back. That will hopefully help keep things in place while stitching it together. Previously I had used Heat 'n' Bond fusible interfacing, which didn't have a sticky back. It did help stabilize the fabric as opposed to nothing, but I think the sticky backing will really help.


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