We stayed overnight in the metro Detroit area to celebrate Chris's dad's birthday today!

The hotel we stayed in had in interesting contraption. You have to slot your key card into a spot next to the wall switch in order to use the lights. Otherwise the lights wont turn on.

Or the bathroom light. It was actually kind of annoying.
 We went out to eat at a local Koney Island restaurant. This was Chris's view...
...and this was mine! Chris's friend Chris loaned him his Google Glass device to try. So Chris spent a big chunk of time getting everything set up and taking photos and videos of everything. It's a neat device. 
We arrived in the late morning at Chris's dad's house. We spent some time talking politics, religion, and all kinds of things. Plus Chris demo'd the Google Glass. 
Then it was time for a tasty lunch with Chris's brother and dad!

It feels like it had been ages, so it was good to catch up with them both. Plus there was chocolate cake involved. You can never go wrong with chocolate cake.
Then it was time for a snowy drive back home....
and back to a cat that desperately needed someone to cuddle. 


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