Well, the Xbox One Kinect is still dead and I'm still waiting on a replacement to arrive. That means no Xbox Fitness still, and after doing full workout videos I haven't been as interested in the mix-and-match style of the 360 game I have. Admittedly I've had little motivation so I've barely been doing anything, aside from walking on my lunch break.

So this evening I tried to stream a video through YouTube. It's a workout video I've used before on Xbox Fitness, so I was pretty familiar with the routine.

Streaming went easily enough, once I paired the YouTube app on the tablet to the YouTube app on the Xbox One, so I could use the tablet to point the Xbox to a video via the Xbox Smart Glass app. Yes, you read that right. The processed seemed unnecessarily cumbersome (it's similar to what you have to do for certain streaming services on the ChromeCast). Smart Glass is supposed to let you control the Xbox One without the controller, so I'm not sure why there isn't a keyboard that I can pull up to use apps like YouTube on the Xbox One.

Maybe they're correct it in another dashboard update....


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