Women's dress pants have especially small pockets on them, and I do not carry a purse if I can help it.That meant when I upgraded to a new phone, I ended up with an issue. My old phone (Motorola Photon Q LTE) just barely fit in the pocket of my dress pants. My new Samsung phone is over half an inch taller, which means it doesn't fit at all in a few pairs of my pants.

I don't really want to walk around carrying the phone in my hand constantly. And I don't want to start carrying a purse if I don't have to. The only other solution I could think of was to enlarge my existing pockets. So that's what I did this afternoon.
I cut the pockets out of the pants I used for the mini-Indiana Jones satchel. Then I ripped out the bottom stitching in the existing pocket and attached the new pocket material.
I didn't end up with the prettiest stitching job, but since it's on the inside, you're not really going to see much. The most important part is that I can now put my phone in my pocket.


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