I had big plans to make a lot of different things today. I ended up taking a nap, which meant there wasn't as much time as I needed to make a giant batch of perogies, cookies, and other things. Plus I realized we were almost out of butter, so I guess I wasn't really going to do much today anyway.

I did, however, make some tasty Frost S'more Cups. There is a lot of chocolate, coolwhip, and just overall deliciousness involved in these. I didn't have the special pan the recipe used, but a cupcake pan worked just fine.
For dinner I make some Mini Lasagna Cups, which uses wonton wrappers to hold everything together. They were pretty tasty and more filling than they looked like they would be at first. I substituted ricotta cheese for cottage cheese, so I'm sure mine came out a little soggier than they should have. But the substitution, to me, was worth it since I really dont like ricotta cheese much.

Anyway, if you have a muffin pan lying around unused, these are both fun and tasty recipes to try!


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