Avengers Age of Ultron opens this weekend. we both want to see the movie, but obviously you can't take a 10 week old to an action movie and expect them to stay calm the whole time.

Plus we watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which ties into the movie. In order to keep watching the show we wanted to see the movie. Otherwise we'd have to stop (to avoid spoilers) until we got out to see the film.
So we decided to tag team it. I would see the earliest showing they had for the day while Chris stayed home. Then when I got home he'd go out and meet up with Adam, Comfort, and Dan to watch it mid-afternoon. Then everyone would come back to our place to talk about it.

While doing it this way made it an all day affair, everything worked out pretty good. We can definitely do this again for Ant-Man in July. Aside from that there probably isn't anything else we will see in theaters until December for Star Wars that is.


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