As it turns out, there is quite a bit of stuff I may need to carry with me at one time in my pump bag. So I needed a way to close it.

Originally I was going to just sew in magnetic clasps, but once I bought a cooler for the breastmilk, I realized the bag wasn't going to close easily.

I decided to add a zipper. I cut the leg off of one of my old khaki pants since it matched the color of the bag pretty closely. I also reinforce the back of the zipper with fusible interfacing so it would be able to withstand the opening and closing.
I've never sewn a zipper before and while it was easier than I thought it would be, I mad the whole project a lot more complicated. Because I'd already added pockets earlier, the suggestions to create a zipper and sew it to a lining (which would then be sewn to the bag) wouldn't work.

I ended up sewing the zipper along the upper portion of the bag opening. I made the whole zipper top wider and longer than it needed to be so I'd be able to over-stuff the bag if need be and it would still close. But that meant that there's corners that are open that need to be sealed and some of the fabric bunched in places.

The stitching is also messed up on the side of the bag because I had the tension wrong. I'm having a hard time figuring out tension still. I really need to sit down and experiment with different fabrics and make sure I have the right needle. Luckily it's hard to see on this project. I'll definitely need more practice to add a zipper to things as well.


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