JAFAX is back this year and this time it's at DeVos Place. We arrived very early, around 9:30. There were long lines on Friday and we knew that early in the morning meant a short line and plenty of time for Quinn to run around.

And boy did he have an amazing time running everywhere, yelling "hi" at everyone then scampering off all shy when they replied.
 At 11am the vendor hall opened, so we entered to see our friends Comfort and Adam.
We also stopped by Corrine's table and picked up a few small prints for Quinn's room (I really like dragons!).
We didn't end up staying too much past 11:30, since Quinn really need to take a break and a nap. But I did get a badge (for awhile they were passing out wrist bands) and Quinn had a fantastic time. Chris and I had a good time too, although a little limited in what we could do since a 16 month old won't sit still for an hour long panel.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the con grows over the next few years. Hopefully it does gangbusters like the Grand Rapids Comic Con has done.


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