We decided to make today a quieter day. So we spent the morning playing in the hotel room with the toddler then walked a few blocks over to the Sanlitun international shopping area.

The air has been bothering me more and more but luckily both Chris and the little one have been unaffected.
A lot of the shops in the international shopping district were what you'd see at a high end mall in the United States. This store, however, is not. It was a cool crane-game store!

It was hot out and the toddler needed a nap, so we spent the rest of the afternoon back at our hotel room.
In the evening I headed out to Wangfujing Food Market, which was a few subway stops from where we were staying.
The alley was full of food stalls and small shops selling trinkets. It was busy and the smells were interesting. I'm glad to have gone, even if I didn't partake in any of the exotic food choices.


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