Chris left very early in the morning for some best man duties. A few hours later the toddler and I got up to get dressed and head over to the wedding venue.  We had to be there at 9am.
 When we arrived, they were handing out these flower and confetti sticks, which we were to set off when the bride and groom arrived. 
The couple arrived, confetti sticks were popped, and then we headed in to the venue. The first stop was this elaborate throne in a large foyer. They couple stopped so everyone could take photos. 
the wedding hall itself (photo from last night's rehearsal) was large and just one of MANY this facility had.
 Once everyone was seated at their dining tables, the ceremony began.
 You guys, they had a fog machine. A FOG MACHINE. 
After the fog cleared out, there was a tea ceremony with the parents, a bouquet toss, and then food was served!

They even had a procession of women dressed carrying the signature dish (I think) that was then later served at each table. It was delicious fish.

While food was being delivered, some performers came out for a small dance. It was very interesting to watch. 
Then, after a dress change, there was the arrival and carving of a goat, which was later served to guests.

 And they served the best yogurt I have ever had. One of the women was pretty sure it was yogurt they made there, and it was delicious.
The whole ceremony and lunch lasted several hours, but was over by 1pm. And it was amazing.  Quinn had a fantastic time running around with the other children, which let me take bites here and there of food.


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