Just like that our trip to Beijing was over. Too short, really. And we will have to come back, this time armed with cough drops and medicine. The air over the course of this trip has slowly irritated my throat into a near constant tickle and cough.

Our flight didn't take off till nearly 5pm, but we arrived early in the afternoon, which was good since we waited forever for Delta to start letting people check luggage.
Once we were through security, I started the hunt for a snack. Unfortunately they put mayo on sandwiches all they way in China.
Once we were settled in, the toddler immediately wanted to watch the My Little Pony movie. He stayed awake for about an hour and then passed out, sleeping the rest of the trip away.
We had a 4 hour layover in Detroit, which the little one loved and I struggled to stay awake for.
Then finally we were on the short flight to Grand Rapids, where the toddler insisted on watching the My Little Pony movie again and stubbornly didn't care about looking outside.

Our friend picked us up at the airport and we were home just before midnight!


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