It is an absolutely beautiful day today. And it is made so much better by the election finally being called - Biden has won. He's not my favorite by a longshot, but it is a relief to know that someone is going to take the pandemic seriously instead of ignoring it and and golfing.
We ran around at Palmer Park in the afternoon, where the weather was in the 70s. Unseasonably warm.
I made some butter chicken in the afternoon in the instapot. I am enjoying this new kitchen gadget. It has a lot of extra stuff I really don't need (making rice, for one) but the pressure cooking is really nice.
And on top of all the other wonderful things for today, the Stardew Valley Collectors Edition I ordered arrived. The 5 year old and I have been playing more of it recently so he and I both enjoyed this package in the mail today.
In the evening we played with Uncle Jeff in Minecraft. They've been crafting fun things in this creative world and I'm basically just re-creating my childhood home. It's not as fun as giant lava and water sculptures, but its something to do. I'm glad they have each other to play with, because I'm definitely more of a survival person in Minecraft myself.


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