It's windy and rainy out, so we opted to stay indoors. We've had several small branches come down from all the wind, so that's been fun to watch. I'm glad we did the majority of the raking yesterday. 

In the morning while the little one was playing Minecraft with friends I made some donut sticks with the twinkie pan we have. One of these days I will buy a donut pan, but for now, we get twinkie-shaped donuts.

I played some Pillars of Eternity on and off throughout the day. I have it on PC, but I loathe clicking to move. It's hell on my wrist. So I started over on the Xbox, thanks to GamePass.
I also started work on the Minecraft Creeper hat to go with the TNT scarf. I don't crochet or knit nearly enough to remember what all the acronyms are, or different stitches, so I have to keep re-watching youtube videos and reading websites. I'm happy all of these tools exist, otherwise I'd be harassing my mother non-stop because I can't retain basic crochet info.


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