Today was a momentous day in the June household. Jack was caught and freed.

In the winter a baby mouse and wandered toward the door of their slider and Dan and Sherry took him in and gave him shelter after much debating. For 7 months they had this cutie (if you know anything of me I have a soft spot for rodents - especially mice and rats). They fed and cared for him ensuring that he would survive.

Now the exact details I am fuzzy on - but needless to say he escaped after they had had him for 6 months or so (they were ever the escape artist when I had them as a child). They have been trying in vain ever since to capture the guy. However, if you have ever had mice you know that they are intelligent and tricky. They will nibble the incentive you place on a trap right down to the metal, never setting it off. It can be frustrating.

Tonight however, after moving the trap they had several times around the apartment trying to see if they could catch him; he was caught. And shortly thereafter he was released to enjoy the remainder of the life he may not have been afforded had they not taken him in.


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