I haven't owned a sheet set with comforter/skirt that matches since I was in high school and my mom got me a set for my twin. So it was high time I invested in a new set. After searching around I finally got frustrated enough to settle on something through Kohl's (<3 you Georgia). So here's a pic of it in the newly arranged bedroom. It came with a whole plethora of things - 3 decorative pillows, a few sets of sheets, pillow cases and then the fancy sham thingies which are just glorified pillow cases.

The hamper is pretty new too. Its a snazy one from World Market I picked up with a divider (wasnt necessary but maybe now I'll actually separate my clothes properly for the wash). Of course its off to the side while I'm slowly teaching the cat that it is NOT a scratching post.

And that weird cage off to the right? Yeah that's the ferret cage. I have a 2 bedroom apartment and I seem to always put the ferret in the bedroom. Habit I guess from living in more craped quarters.


This room is looking beautiful and well arranged... I too like this shiny bedding set...

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