You know, I really really want to like things other people do. I mean, sometimes it would be nice to fit in so utterly and completely. But lets face it - that is so not happening.

Carnivals and fairs to me have always been fascinating. Not because of the stuff they have there per se, but the fact that people subject themselves to this stuff and they like it. Don't get me wrong, maybe I would feel differently if I didn't get motion sickness. But I do, so I don't.

Every ride (and I mean every ride) present at the Rockford Start of Summer Celebration is intimidating to me. The Ferris wheel is the least of which, although even that scares the crap out of me cause I'm up so high.

Here is a shot I managed to snag, shortly before realizing how high up I was, what a wimp I've always been with these things, and the fact that Nathan brat of a cousin for rocking the car....

Still, I did have fun wandering around, watching Ashley (and well pretty much everyone else) ride rides.


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