Today in my hands finally is the folding bike I ordered. I had previously ordered a different, cheaper model online only to have it ship missing parts and other things. So I set out again, this time with a brand I knew was good.

Its the Espresso, and last years model, so it was cheaper than the retail price you typically see. The bike went in for a tune up, which according to Dahon is required to activate the extended warranty. Probably just to ensure that everything is working right prior to your first ride so you dont do unnecessary damage.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots of it. I'd have liked to take them outside somewherenicer than my bathroom. But its rainy and kind of dark out there and I'm not riskin' the camera.

So as you can see from the shots, it folds up pretty nicely. Its a full size, which is why it may look larger than other folding bikes you've seen. The pedals fold up, and I'm pretty sure the wheels have quick release on them if need be.

Now I just have to time my commute to work.


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