I dreamed of sandwiches and all the variations possible the other night after Chris introduced me to one of his sandwich makers. So Friday we picked up provisions and this morning I tried my hand at stuffed french toast. Filled with creamcheese and strawberry jelly. Not bad, but the next time I think I'll use bananas and nuts in the cream cheese.

I spent nearly another entire day messing around with the wii. I hadn't run the update in ages, so I was several versions behind. So most of that was taken care of Friday. So that left Saturday with trying to figure out how to take better advantage of the USB ports. Still didn't resolve some of the issues, but at least I feel like I'm making progress.

In the late afternoon Chris and I headed down to the laundromat that is literally down the road. Barely a two-minute drive. It was good to get that out of the way-especially since I don't own a lot of clothes. Chris did most of the load shuffling around while I read some homework.

All in all though, Saturday was a good, relaxing (and non-moving) day. Nice to have a weekend that doesn't involve driving back and forth between apartments.


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