I was pretty lazy today.  I got up, went to class, then came home and played Dragon Age on and off most of the day while Chris worked on The Uniques website.

I played Dragon Age, then took a nap, then played Dragon Age, then took a walk, then played Dragon Age and finally ate some dinner.  It was a pretty Dragon Age heavy day (a part of me is trying to cram in some gaming before classes get more intense AND some newer RPGs come out).

It wasn't until the evening that I realized I needed some clean socks and other miscellaneous items.  So I utelized Chris's awesome little washer thingie and started laundry around 9:30.

After that we stayed up a bit to watch some Super Bowl ads after the game was over (neither of us are interested in football - so neither of us watched the game) on their website.  Was a pretty decent day, even if it was super lazy on my part.


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