I needed to get a few things done this Saturday AM, so Chris and I got up and out of the apartment in the morning.  Ran around to some banks, did some grocery shopping, even saw the weird Strawberry Shortcake character redesign I'd read about.

In the afternoon Leki got finally got booted out of the office where the bird was by way of wheeling "his" chair into the hallway.

In the evening we cooked a lot of things.  Chicken Cordon Bleu, chili, brownies, and even some pesto (thought I use pine nuts) to freeze for later.

In the evening the cat and ferret got to play a bit, though Peppy did most of the running around and playing.

All in all it was a pretty well rounded day.  Some chores were done, some relaxing was had.  It was a good Saturday.


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