Tuesday started off ok. I had a frustrating project that needed tackling at work in the AM and by the PM I was in desperate need of chocolate.

But the evening rolled around and it was fantastic. Chris and I headed over to Wealthy Theatre and watched the awesomeness that is Groundhog Day. Which, of course, is appropriate since today is Groundhog Day. There was a fair amount of buzz about today being "Bill Murray" day, no doubt in honor of the movie, on my twitter. Links to blogposts and well wishing for a "happy Bill Murray day" all throughout the day. Very amusing.

As a bonus - the lineup at the Wealthy Theatre for the next several weeks looks awesome! We are totally continuing the awesome theatre going with Batman next week. Likely Chris and I will see most of these movies over the next several weeks. Its a fun thing to do and an easy, cheap "date" night.

If you're in the area and free, you should totally check out the theatre. Only $5/person and its a pretty neat, old looking theatre.


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