The old CRT HDTV has been steadily making a louder and louder whine.  It finally reached the point where I was avoiding using it because it seemed to be loudest whenever I tried to play any video games.

We had been thinking that we would need to replace the TV eventually, and I'd had a flatscreen in the back of my head for years but kept putting it off.  So finally we decided Saturday to get serious about it.

After I met an old co-worker for lunch we headed out to the stores.  We had previously researched a bit online and had a few places to check out.  Naturally, each store we hit we did even more research on our phones.

Eventually we decided on an 37" LCD.  I had originally wanted to go higher - but Chris is right.  That's plenty big for the space we have and really it still seems huge.  Moving the LCD was a lot easier than lugging around the old CRT 30" (now to figure out a way to get the old TV out of the apartment).  So bonus!

Of course, with a new item means new packaging, new boxes.  And Leki was very excited to hang out and enjoy everything.


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