You don't always maintain relationships with people after you've both left your place of employment.  Life gets in the way - even if you try.  Now that's not always the case - but it happens freqently.  Especially if you're married and have children.  So that is why it's pretty awesome that I'm still in contact with several people I still work with. We're all from different stages in life, and grew up in different places - so we bring different persepctives to the table.

So last night I hung out a lady I used to work with and the ever growing "ladies night" crowd and tonight I got to hang out with another woman.  A few current co-workers stopped in to join us and the evening was great.  They were even kind enough to hang out with me until I needed to pick Chris up from the airport around 10:30ish at night.

It was good to catch up and hear how things are going.  I was even educated on different painting mediums and techniques.  Very cool. (I was always terrible in art class...)


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