Chris and I ordered a refurbished XBOX 360 last week.  On Wednesday it arrived and we unboxed it, hooked it up, and waited patiently for the loading splash screen.

The little spinning green lights around the power button stopped spinning and turned to red.  Blinking red.  3 quandrants.  We disconnected and reconnected everything.  Same thing.  We tried it again.  Same thing.

I knew about the red ring of death on XBOXes but I thought all four areas had to be lit up.  So I researched a bit online and found a breakdown of what all the different blinking red combinations meant.  Turns out our newly received, refurbished machine had arrived with the red ring of death (RROD).

So I called Microsoft who were helpful and dispatched a shipping label so that I'm able to get the console repaired.  Roughly 2-3 weeks from when they receive it.

It's not like Chris and I will *miss* the system, since we never used it.  It's more of an annoyance that you purchase a refurbished item (that is - it's supposed to be repaired) only to have it dead on arrival.


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