Saturday Chris and I headed out to visit his good friends Adam and Comfort (The Uniques).  It's been awhile since we've seen them in person (though luckily Chris is able to Skype with them roughly weekly).  It was great to finally see their pad in person as opposed to video. 

Now, since the Palm Pre recently released WebOS 1.4, the cell phone can now record video.  This meant Chris was able to shoot some nice video of our trip out there as well as when we first arrived and a walk we took together.

If you didn't know, the house Adam and Comfort live in is connected to Adam's parents house - which meant awesome drop-ins from his parents with tasty cookies and creamy, minty, hot chocolate. That, plus the adorable two dogs they have (combined with Adam and Comfort's very adorable kitties) was very amusing for me.

We were able to watch a few shows, and chat it up for quite a while on a range of topics from comics, to politics, to video games and anime.  I really enjoy visiting with them.  They're an amazing couple with amazing dedication to their work.  That, combined with the sheer awesomeness of their personalities makes any visit with them entertaining.  

Totally awesome Saturday.


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