<-- This is a very beefy mouse.  It's not your average mouse. It's a Razer Naga mouse.  It has 17 customizable buttons.  Why? It's designed for computer gaming, but you can also program the buttons for anything.  So if you do a lot of work in photoshop or something else you can map those items to the individual buttons. Yeah, I know. It's excessive. But it's cool (and it glows blue, so extra brownie points).

Today has been a relatively windy and overcast kind of day.  I'd hoped to get out to the PJ Hoffmaster park and take some photos for the Lord of the Rings Online photo comparison blog, but the rain made me think better of it.

Of course in the afternoon there was a long dry period. So Chris and I took a long walk (just under 6 miles) and enjoyed the cooler weather.  We hit the overpriced used computer store on 28th while we were out and about.

I also decided to make a mithra-reskin on Gyshal.  I tried to maker her as orange as possible and named her after Leki.  She's way cooler and more graceful though. Well..and female...


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