The day to day was mostly crap.  Work was busy and frustrating.  The only saving grace was a delightful lunch with Lori that recharged me enough to take on the afternoon.

The evening shaped up to be much better.  The noise cancelling headphones I'd ordered off of arrived today, so I played around with those a bit. Very nice.  I like them a lot.  I played some Lord of the Rings Online a bit and heard all kinds of things I never really noticed before, like walking through grass.  Mostly that's because I keep my computer sound down.  So these will be fun to use.

I also received a Taverncraft mug I'd ordered.  I'm a huge fan of dragons (if you can't tell from the above photo with two stuffed dragons in it) so when I heard they were making a Green Dragon Inn Stein AND that I could get a discount on it - I snagged one.  I've already been using it and have managed to chug down a lot of water. I can't even imagine what things would be like if I ever filled it with alcohol.

So the day ended on a good note.  And that's always a good thing.


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