Sunday we headed out to Holly, MI for the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  It was still a little muddy from the rain on Saturday but the weather was cool and refreshing.  A welcome change from that of years past.

I've been going to the festival since I was little with my family every year.  Much of the acts are the same, but the atmosphere is great and the whole thing is right up my alley.

As you can see, there are always plenty of interesting outfits and people at the ren fest - all of them friendly.

I even managed to snag another piece to the outfit I've slowly been putting together the last several years. So here's a shot (complete with my toes) because I'm too lazy to wrestle with the cat who likes the laces so late in the day.

I spent a lot of the time behind my digital SLR snapping random photos for a weekly photo comparison posts I do for Lord of the Rings Online.  As a result, I have a lot of photos and a lot to wade through to upload. So this post has just a few and I'll be sure to embed a slideshow to this post once they're all up on flickr.

Edit: 9/27: as promised, embedded slideshow (though not all photos are up at the moment)


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