Saturday is finally here, and that means using all of the various pieces purchased over the last few days (snowpants, jacket). So after running to the store one last time to find a decent pair of winter boots (and finding them), Chris and I headed out to Pando Winter Sports Park in Rockford to meet up with friend of his and another couple.
At first glance on their website, the hill looked massive and scary. I'm afraid of downhill skiing and the prospect of propelling in a tube down a snow covered hill didn't sound much more appealing. But, once we got there and I saw how much slower the tubes seemed to go down the hill, I was calmer. And probably a lot less annoying.
Passes come in three hour chunks, and we went up and down the hill about two and a half hours of that. We even stopped and ate some tasty cookies Angel made this morning.

All in all it was a good time. I'm really glad I invested in the snow pants and water proof jacket (the boots - meh - marginally warmer than my hiking boots would have been). I kept dry and they'll be really useful on future days when I want to wander through a snowy park. No more doubling and coming home in wet jeans.

Anyway, we took a bunch of photos so enjoy!


Have to admit, it looks like FUN.

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