This is the second year for C2E2. Last year there was a batmobile, lots of Iron Man, and more comics than you can shake a stick at. This year it felt like it was all about Green Lantern. Maybe I'm just picking up more Green Lantern than normal because of Chris, but I think it was big this year in preparation for the movie later this year. I realize there is going to be a Thor movie and Captain America as well this year, but I feel like there was far less in terms of attendees wearing Thor gear. Quite a few Captain America shields though. Still a ton of comics at the show - it wouldn't be a comic convention otherwise.
We only went to one panel that ComiXology was hosting. After that I downloaded their app. Chris has used it several times but still hadn't tried it. It's nice. The guided view is an interesting experience.
I had several other things I wanted to do but we didn't arrive early enough for me to be able to see the costume contest (being 5'2" works against you sometimes) and the comedy was ok but I thought I was going to be stand-up which it was not.
There were plenty of interesting costumes everywhere. I saw more this time than I did last year, but honestly I think I was looking harder this year.
We got to see Comfort and Adam, creators of The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark. Their booth was pretty busy most of the times we walked by - which is awesome.

I miss them. We are seriously going to have to try to get together with them soon.
I also got to meet Brian Glass who is a friend of Comfort and Adam's and someone Chris chats with on Twitter as well. He's the writer of The Mice Templar (which has been on my to-read list for awhile now. I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't read them!). Nice guy!

Anyway, here's a slideshow of the shots from the convention.


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