the temperatures in our apartment has been wonky this winter (we have radiators instead of a forced air system). We started out with no heat, which the maintenance personnel fixed very quickly. A few months later the heat stopped again and they very quickly fixed the heat again.

After that second fix the heat has been insane. The apartment hovered between 75 and 80 degrees. We tried a few different things - turning the heat down, waiting it out and opening the windows - hoping the heat would level out. No luck. And as the temperature outside is rising it's making the temperature in the apartment go up even more.

So Monday we asked the maintenance personnel to take a look. the gentleman came out and graciously fixed the issue.

The temperature went down.

And down.

And when we arrived home tonight the apartment was 63 degrees. Apparently we had no heat - again.

So we called maintenance for a fourth time this winter season. They came out quickly and said they did a quick fix so we would have heat tonight. They also said they were going to have someone check on the boiler tomorrow morning.

The apartment was quickly heating up, which was great - cause it was starting to get chilly.

And it kept getting warmer.

And warmer.

*sigh* At least we have heat now. Here's hoping when they come back out tomorrow they're able to permanently fix whatever was wrong with the boiler.

The maintenance team at the apartment complex is super fast  with response time though.


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